“Working with Phil is something I will never forget. He encouraged me to continue playing guitar, and challenged me when it came to my vocal ability. I definitely would not be as far as I am today without his help! Plus, working with others my age and having Phil work with all of us together was really fun. | always looked forward to playing and working with them. If you are ever given an opportunity to work with Phil…don’t pass it up!”

– Abbie Winger – former student

Phil Kane “Teacher extraordinaire, great feel and passion, Phil tries to bring out the best, a true professional”

Denis Seguin

“Every kid dreams of being in a band, but often struggles to find people he knows who can play and who have the time and motivation to share his vision. In Phil Kane’s Rocksessions, you not only get placed with others who are equally motivated to write original music, but you also get to record these songs in a first rate studio, get produced and advised by one of the most accomplished guitar players in the area, and gain the experience that comes along with it. In short, this is an invaluable opportunity for any aspiring young musician.”

Daniel Smeenk – former student

“A great technique, a great ear and a great guy. Always a pleasure to perform with. And he makes great za!”

Willem Moolenbeek

“Phil Kane can flat out play.”

or is it plays out flat?

– Jim Casson

“An incredible guitar player and electrifying performer; Phil Kane has an extensive musical vocabulary that is showcased in every performance. Passion, soul, feel and superior ‘music smarts’ that never fail to engage and entertain his audiences.  A true joy to watch, listen and play with.”

Kimberley Wetmore; Singer, Performer, Artist