Rocksessions Rock Band Course:

In 2003, Phil came up with the idea of having groups of young musicians come over to the studio and learn about being in a rock band by writing their own songs, recording them, releasing them on iTunes and performing them in a concert setting. Through this process, participants learn about songwriting, rehearsing, performance and digital recording.

RockSessions is open to singers and all instrumentalists who are past the beginner stage (see FAQ for minimum requirements) and embraces all styles of music.

Sessions are weekly (1.5 hrs) and take place in Phil’s studio here in Oakville, Ontario. We use a real drumkit and Phil’s collection of vintage guitar amplifiers and recording gear to get a rockin’ sound.

Check out samples from previous bands below or go to to hear samples of Q by Quentin, which he recorded at RockSessessions during 2009-10.

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