Phil Kane – The Windsor Twister:

Phil Kane is a  musician who is known internationally for his incendary guitar playing, soulful singing and musical adaptability. His passion for music transcends any one genre and his current shows feature an eclectic mix of jazz, blues, rock, soul, funk, latin, country and many more – all delivered with a sharp wit and a unique style. In addition to his current performances with the Combo DeLuxe and the Bluesual Suspects (, PK has performed or recorded with Jeff Healey, Michael Buble, Jackie Washington, Gordie Johnson, Steve Lukather, Jaymz Bee, Jude Johnson and many others. He has played countless recording sessions in all styles of music, going all the way back to vinyl 45s and LPs! Since 1974, Phil has played literally thousands of gigs in every type of music imaginable, from rock to funk to country to Indian/jazz fusion all across Canada, the U.S., England and Mexico. Phil’s latest adventures include performances with Sepeteto Bariay (a Cuban Son band) for the Romerias de Mayo festival in Holguin, Cuba.

Phil`s method of teaching is a product of not only his musical experience, but also from his experience as a technical instructor and database support analyst in the IT industry and as a basketball coach in Oakville. His passion for teaching is as strong as his commitment to performing -these are the driving forces in his life.  Phil tailors his lessons to the individual learning style of each student and makes extensive use of online materials that he has created to support the individual lessons. Music theory, history and technique are taught in the context of songs, rather than exercises and rote learning. This approach has proven itself to be very effective and more fun for the student.

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