RockSessions Guitar lessons:

Phil Kane has been teaching people to play music on the guitar since 1974, and it is still one of the driving forces in his life. His passion for music (and the guitar in particular) combined with an enthusiastic, engaging teaching style has inspired students of all ages and skill levels. Phil enjoys teaching absolute beginners as well as helping more experienced guitarists to expand their style.

Music theory, technique and improvisation are all addressed through Phil’s innovative song based teaching methods which are both challenging and fun for the student.

Students are encouraged to develop their own guitar style through exposure to many types of music, rather than copying only ‘classic rock’ songs (a trend that is becoming an increasingly common teaching strategy because it’s ‘easy’ and does not require as much individual attention to the student).  While this style IS addressed, Phil`s students also learn jazz, blues, folk, latin and surf songs, so they can form their own style that is based on a variety of music.